Demon’s Soul – Das lanweiligste Spiel des Jahres

Fantastischer Blogeintrag von Chris Dahlen über Demon’s Soul:

The Most Boring Game of the Year
Playing Demon’s Souls makes me a boring person.

I’ve been playing the game. A lot. And I love it. A lot. The other night I spent hours with it, and in those hours, all I did was farm the same sections again and again, futz around with my gear, gain a few soul levels, and kill one Vanguard demon – and I killed him by shooting about fifty arrows into his forehead while he just stood there scratching himself.

If you’d been sitting there watching me, you would have been screamingly, knuckle-suckingly bored. In fact, my wife kept walking by and asking, “Weren’t you here before? Didn’t you kill that thing before? Didn’t you kill all those things?” Yessiree I did, but they didn’t drop the large sharpstone I need for my +5 Falchion. And so I’ve gotta kill ‘em again. (…)“

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