The Trashmaster: 88-Minuten GTA-Machinima-Movie

The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off !)
Hochgeladen von murakawa. – Sieh mehr Spielvideos.

Wow, grandiose GTA-Machinima in Spielfilmlänge von Mathieu Weschler. Hier der Plot:

Created entirely with images from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, this stylistic feat makes all former attempts to turn machinimas into a fully-fledged genre look like child’s play. The “trashmaster” divides his time between collecting garbage and cleaning up other forms of trash fouling up New York City’s streets: dealers, small-time criminals, rapists… When the dancers in his favourite strip club are mysteriously killed, the trashmaster finds himself hot on the trail of a particularly twisted serial killer.


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