Killer App für Social Gaming?

In einem interessanten Interview mit erzählt Gareth Davis, ein Plattform-Manager von facebook ein wenig über Game-Adaptionen, Multigaming und dass es „bald eine Killer-App“ geben wird…

What’s in store for the future of social gaming in general?

What we’re about to see is the next level of social game play. The language of social gaming is being invented and we have a few of the building blocks, but many more are about to be discovered. There will be a killer app for social games in the same way that ‚Mario‘ was for Nintendo, ‚Sonic‘ was for Sega ( SEGNF.PK – news – people ) and ‚Halo‘ was for Xbox. We’re going to have our Halo, our Mario, soon.

That’s not „FarmVille“?

I think FarmVille is a great game, but it is a light simulation that has mass appeal. I think that we will see a new kind of game that people have not really seen before. It may have a traditional IP on it, it doesn’t have to be completely out of left field, but we’re expecting those great experiences to show up.“

(Quelle: Interview auf von Oliver J. Chiang)

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