The infected have been and gone – but they have left behind the bloodied remains of their victims. Find the bodies on the morning of Thursday March 12th and win a holiday to Africa.

Register with us at to be sure of receiving the clues as to where the remains can be found.

Find as many of the bodies as you can , or what is left of them, and return them to Westminster Bridge by 11am .

The body parts will be hidden at locations near Trafalgar Square, within this area:,-0.12748&spn=0.004501,0.009656&z=17

And this is where you should take them:,-0.12306&spn=0.01715,0.038624&z=15&msid=103178252427361680120.00046461dcae8eefadbad

Alert us to your presence by standing on the bridge, holding the artficial b ody p arts over your head and shouting „Kijuju!“. We will be there, watching you, and will approach when you make yourselves known.

Points allocated for each body part – 2 points for arms, 2 points for legs, 3 points for torsos , 5 points for a head. The more body parts you find and bring to us, the more points you get. The player(s) with the most points b y 1 1am win the holiday to Africa.

The game begins at 9am. Good hunting – we will see you on the bridge. Take pictures, take video, have fun. And don’t wear your best clothes – it’s going to be messy.“


(Original von Capcom Resident Evil 5)

4 Gedanken zu „Kijuju!!!“

  1. Na sieh an, die aufwendige Werbe-Maschine von Capcom läuft an. Ich bin tatsächlich gespannt, ob das Ding so gut ankommt, wie das geplant ist. Schweres Erbe.

    Und in zwei Wochen geht curry-wurst-mäßig EINIGES Nyck, pinsel das mal im Kalender an. Du altes Körperteil.

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