Retro: Robotron 2084

robotron 2084

herrlich, wie Robotron 2084 Designer Eugene Jarvis die Spielidee beschreibt:

The idea is that right now [im Jahr 2084] we have all these machines that are serving us. They’re getting more and more intelligent, and at some point we’ll see computer rights activists because these things will be so smart and you’ll be talking to them and they’ll be your buddy and they’ll be your information agent on the internet, and then some guy comes along and unplugs your computer and screws up your hard disk or something and it’s like, wait a minute, that was murder ! It’s like killing your dog or something.
So, computers are running around, trying to help our lives and scooping up our shit and everything, and finally they realize: „What do we need these guys for ? I mean, they’re nasty people, they build nuclear bombs, they kill each other. We’re having all these problems with them. What’s the equation here ?

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